Construction is due to start in 2020 and completion in 2033.
The new CR2 is planned to come through Raynes Park and Wimbledon stations, providing a completely new link from our area to central London and northwards into Hertfordshire. Construction was initially expected to be started in 2019 and be completed in 2030, although completion in 2033 is now more likely.
The CR2 trains will provide a direct service from Raynes Park to new destinations in central London and thus make many destinations easier to reach. For example, it should be easier to reach the City and Docklands by taking Crossrail 2 to Tottenham Court Road and changing onto the soon-to-open Elizabeth Line, rather than going via either the Waterloo & City or Jubilee tube lines, as at present (see route map).
The initial public consultation was held in winter of 2015/2016. The next public consultation has been postponed until 2019 with an independent financial review underway.
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