There are three parks: Cottenham Park, Holland Garden and Morley Park.
Holland Garden - given to the council in 1928 by Lady Holland in memory of her husband. The garden comprises a large green area, lovely borders and paths, together with two tennis courts (annual sub £50).  The 3 entrances are in Cambridge Road, Pepys Road and Cottenham Park Road.    For more information click here.
Cottenham Park - is named after Charles Pepys, Lord Cottenham. Located between Cottenham Park Road and Melbury Road with a modern pavilion, 6 tennis courts, cricket pitch and playground.  For more information click here.
Morley Park - forms the south western area of the Atkinson Morley site to be gifted to the Council by Berkley Homes for use as a public park as part of the planning consent. The park currently remains closed with quite a lengthy list of work required to be completed by Berkeley Homes before transfer to Merton Council. 
The upper section of the new open space comprises woodland and meadow and will become freely accessible to the public during standard opening hours. The lower section by Cottenham Park Road mainly comprises a sports fields and associated pavilion to be leased by Ursuline High School.
Local Parks