The New Scheme Explained
This involves one wheelie with a grey top for non-recyclables put in plastic bags, one wheelie with a blue top for paper and card, your previous green container for cans and tins, cartons, glass, plastic bottles, tubs and trays, plus the food waste container.  There is a fortnightly collection for everything except food waste which is collected weekly.  Wheelies need to be put out by 6am on your collection day and left at the edge of your property (not on the pavement).  Confused?  Many have been!  See the Merton website.
These problems have now mainly been resolved, however if you have no outside space you need to request blue and purple bags.
There were initial teething problems with some households not provided with wheelies and collections missed. Some residents were also not aware of exactly what was required in different wheelies and containers.  If you need assistance to move your bins you can apply online.
Waste Management