Merton Councils'  new scheme starts 1 October 2018 with fortnightly collection and two wheelie bins plus additional containers

The majority vote at the Council meeting on 3rd August 2016 in support of the waste management scheme.  This involves fortnightly collections and four containers including 2 large wheelie bins for general waste and recycling paper and card, a box for plastics, glass and cans plus a food waste caddie.

There is no statutory duty to consult on changes to these services and the scheme has only been 'tested' in Lavender Fields that differs in important ways from the RAWW area involved weekly rather than the proposed fortnightly collection. 

RAWW invited residents' views and submitted objections in the consultation period. Particular concerns were fortnightly collection and the visual impact of four containers including 2  large wheelie bins particularly for terraced houses with very small front gardens.  Recent surveys conducted by local independent residents' groups also identified 90% of responders as supporting weekly collection and rubbish containers comprising a less obtrusive bin plus two lidded recyclable containers and food container.  However Merton's scheme is going ahead from October 2018.  Details of the scheme can be found here.
Waste Management